Chapter XX: Advent Among the Indians

From Texas Henry went into the Indian Nation near Fort Towson, Arkansas.
' Make yourself at home sir !' invited Mr. Culver the intelligent old Chief of the United Nation ; ' and Josephus will attend to you,' referring to his nephew Josephus Braser, an educated young chief and counsellor among his people.
'You are slaveholders I see Mr. Culver!' said Henry.
' We are sir, but not like the white men,' he replied.
5' How many do you hold?'
' About two hundred on my two plantations.'
' I cant well understand how a man like you can reconcile your principles with the holding of slaves and—'
' We have had enough of that !' exclaimed Dr. Donald, with a tone of threatening authority.
' Hold your breath sir, else I'll stop it!' in a rage replied the young chief.
10' Sir,' responded the Doctor; ' I was not speaking to you, but only speaking to that negro!'
' You're a fool!' roared Braser springing to his feet.
' Come, come, gentlemen !' admonished the old Chief; ' I think you are both going mad ! I hope you'll behave something better.'
' Well uncle I cant endure him! he assumes so much authority !' replied he, ' He'll make the Indians slaves just now, then Negroes will have no friends.'
Donald was a white man, married among the Indians a sister of the old Chief and aunt to the young, for the sake of her wealth and a home. A physician without talents, was unable to make a business and unwilling to work.
15'Mr. Bras—'
' I want nothing more of you,' interrupted Braser, and dont—'
' Josephus, Josephus !' interrupted the old chief;' you will surely let the Doctor speak!'
Donald stood pale and trembling before the young Choctaw born to command, when receiving no favor he left the company muttering ' nigger !'
' Now you see,' said Mr. Culver as the Doctor left the room ; ' the difference between a white man and Indian holding slaves. Indian work side by side with black man, eat with him, drink with him, rest with him and both lay down in shade together ; white man even wont let you talk ! In our Nation Indian and black all marry together. Indian like black man very much, ony he dont fight 'nough. Black man in Florida fight much, and Indian like 'im heap !'
20'You make, sir, a slight mistake about my people. They would fight if in their own country they were united as the Indians here, and not scattered thousand of miles apart as they are. You should also remember, that the Africans have never permitted a subjugation of their country by foreigners as the Indians have theirs, and Africa to day is still peopled by Africans, whilst America the home of the Indian who is fast passing away, is now possessed and ruled by foreigners.'
' True, true!' said the old Chief looking down reflectingly ; ' too true ! I had not thought that way before. Do you think the white man couldn't take Africa if he wanted ?'
' He might by a combination, and I still am doubtful whether then he could if the Africans were determined as formerly to keep him out. You will also remember, that the whites came in small numbers to America, and then drove the Indians from their own soil, whilst the blacks got in Africa as slaves, are taken by their own native conquerors, and sold to white men as prisoners of war.'
' That is true sir, true!' sighed the old chief; the Indian like game before the bow, is passing away before the gun of the white man !'
' What I now most wish to learn is, whether in case that the blacks should rise, they may have hope or fear from the Indian ?' asked Henry.
25' I m an old mouthpiece, been puffing out smoke and talk many seasons for the entertainment of the young
and benefit of all who come among us. The squaws of the great men among the Indians in Florida were black women, and the squaws of the black men were Indian women. You see the vine that winds around and holds us together. Don't cut it, but let it grow till bimeby, it git so stout and strong, with many, very many little branches attached, that you can't separate them. I now reach to you the pipe of peace and hold out the olive-branch of hope ! Go on young man, go on. If you want white man to love you, you must fight im !' concluded the intelligent old Choctaw.
' Then sir, I shall rest contented, and impart to you the object of my mission,' replied Henry.
' Ah hah !' exclaimed the old chief after an hour's seclusion with him, ' ah hah ! Indian have something like that long-go. I wonder your people aint got it before ! That what make Indian strong ; that what make Indian and black man in Florida hold together. Go on young man, go on ! may the Great Spirit make you brave !' exhorted Mr. Culver, when the parties retired for the evening, Henry rooming with the young warrior Braser.
By the aid of the young Chief and kindness of his uncle the venerable old brave, Henry was conducted quite through the nation on a pony placed at his service, affording to him an ample opportunity of examining into the condition of things. He left the settlement with the regrets of the people, being the only instance in which his seclusions were held with the master instead of the slave.
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Textual Notes

2counsellor] 59; councellor 61
16interrupted Braser, and dont—'] 59; interupted the old Chief; 61
17/ '] 59; Chief; 'you will surely let the Doctor speak!' / 'Josephus, Josephus!' 61
17chief;'] 59; Chief; ' 61
19and] 59; and an Indian 61
19him] 59; with him, and 61
19even] 59; not in 61
19wont] 59; wont even let 61
19!] 59; ? 61
20if] 59; if they were in 61
20they were] 59; , and 61
20thousand] 59; thousands 61
21couldn] 59; could 61
21t] 59; nt 61
22still] 59; not in 61
22conquerors] 59; conquerers 61
22to] 59; to foreign white 61
22.'] 59; . 61
23chief] 59; Chief 61
23the] 59; ' 61
25I] 59; Henry. / 'I'm an 61
26,] 59; not in 61
26fight] 59; fight 'im!' concluded 61
28chief] 59; Chief 61
28,] 59; ; 61
28long-go] 59; long ago 61
28,] 59; . 61